A group of children lifting Ogoh-Ogoh during pengerupukan day. Pengerupukan  was held before Nyepi (Silent Day) in Bali. (3/22)

Volkswagen Contest

A contestant checking his car during VW Contest at “Volkswagen Lost In Paradise” event, from 23-25th of December at Matahari Terbit, Sanur, Bali. Clubs from around Indonesia even representatives from  Germany and  Poland are join in this event.  Beside contest this event also held food bazaar, music, secondhand VW parts and many more. (12/24)

Bali Beach Soccer Tournament

A player from Pors Sanur team try to make a goal in the first day of Bali Beach Soccer Game at kuta beach(10/21). This tournament held from October 21 to 23 2011 and followed by 10 teams from Bali.

Bali Earthquake

Two staffs of Carrefour Sunset Road, Bali walking in front of workers who clean debris of buildings. A 6,8 richter scale earthquake shake Bali (10/13).

Teatre Performance

Theater players from Teater Kini Berseri group stage a play entitled Kisah Cinta dan lain lain for the opening of Bali Theater Parade (9/9). This event held at Art Center-Denpasar from 9 to 19 of September 2011.

Ied Prayer in Bali

Thousands of Muslims gathered to prayers Ied at Bajra Sandhi field, Denpasar (8/30). This tradition is to celebrate the victory after a month of fasting.

Torch Parade

Students from elementary school participate in the torch parade (16/8) . This event held every year in Sanur to celebrate Indonesia independence day.

Bali International Kite Festival 2011

A man give a signal to his friend to pull the kite on Bali Kite Festival 2011(5/8) . This event start from 5th until 7th of August 2011.

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